Becoming An Effective Leader For 2015

Everyone can become a leader, whether they are in a management position or not. So for 2015 why not fine tune your leadership skills?

After all, the #NHS needs great leaders. For 2015 Jeremy hunt  is well aware of the perceived need for national leaders to be more active in fighting the service’s corner. So our students are in training to become great leaders in the every day service. How does altstrat create great leaders?

Our students quickly learn to motivate and direct others towards positive change, this is essential for morale and innovation. They take responsibility for the direction and actions of their team as they set objectives and organize effective changes. They learn to take initiative.

In everyday practise, they persevere, even when things are not working out, by taking a positive attitude towards failures and frustrations. They turn things around to make change happen, accept responsibility and remain flexible. They are prepared to adapt their goals and move with the changing times. As leaders, they take their teams with them into new ventures. 

'Healthy organisations reward those who take the lead, not just those with formal management roles.'

We are extremely proud of our students as we see them display a 'can do' attitude. They always try to solve problems rather than pass them over to other people. They make change happen!...and go the extra mile with passion.

By Introducing improvements to the way things are done in the health services, they develop a culture of innovation and learn new skills to enhance the capabilities of their teams. When they participate in our work based learning programmes, they apply new ways of thinking to their work, and it becomes infectious!

NHS organizations are seeing the real improvements our students can bring back to their organizational workplace. We hope to empower many new students in 2015 to become great leaders within healthcare.

We thank all of our friends and colleagues who have worked with us this year, to see success in our leadership programmes. We wish you all a very prosperous 2015!

Posted on December 20, 2014 .