Getting #revalidation Ready With The NMC

Revalidation Revalidation Revalidation Revalidation are you ready for November/December 2015?

The NMC has now decided to go ahead with #revalidation following much deliberation and careful consideration to perfect delicate changes...and so we have been getting #revalidation ready.. have you?

The new guidance comes into effect from April 2016, and so the first nurses & midwives due to revalidate will do so in December 2015!

Are you ready?

 - Nurses & midwives will need to obtain five pieces of practice related feedback. This can be formal or informal, written or verbal

 - Nurses & midwives will need to complete five written reflections on the NMC code and discuss this with another registrant.

 - A nurse or midwife will be required to declare they have practised for 450 hours during the last three years

A nurse or midwife will be required to declare they have completed the required amount of continuing professional development (CPD) = 35 hours (not 40 as previously considered)! These must include 20 participatory hours (learning and sharing with other people).

- Revalidation will also require nurses and midwives to obtain confirmation from a third party on their continuing fitness to practise, usually a line manager and, where possible, a registrant.

In the past, nurses & midwives were asked to confirm that they had undertaken CPD in order to re-register, this was only checked if a nurse was subject to an NMC spot-check. Under the new revalidation system, every nurse & midwife will need to provide evidence that they have met the standards to their manager.

Still have questions?

The nursing Times are preparing for their revalidation conference:

13 November 2015, Montcalm Hotel, Central London

Or why not join us for one of the twitter chats being hosted by #WeNurses & @nmcnews  to discuss revalidation and any concerns you may have :)

Our advice? - Don't wait until the last minute to pay your fees and gather your evidence... you do not want your registration to lapse! Start preparing early!... gather your evidence as you go...sign up to an online NMC account and submit everything in plenty of time! 

Why not download the #revalidation forms and templates - now available as separate documents here >

We ensure that all of our programmes reflect the code at every level... You can always count our participatory sessions as CPD hours for your #revalidation... spread the word! 

Posted on October 25, 2015 .