#HelloMyNameIs Trevor Dolan

On the 2nd of February, Trevor Dolan, the co-founder of altstrat made his way down the the BBC Breakfast studios to talk about his NHS experience in Cancer Care services.

The #HelloMyNameIs campaign has gathered much momentum this week, as it becomes a publicly launched initiative for change. Trevor Dolan voiced himeself in support of this initiative, launched by Kate Granger earlier this year. Kate is an NHS doctor who has experienced the 'other side' of the NHS, as she underwent cancer treatment herself. Shockingly she noticed that many healthcare staff were not introducing themselves to her, or even saying hello. Discussions were often held in relation to her care, yet she remained un-ivolved in the conversation. This made her feel, understandably like she had been left out of the decision making for her own care. 

Trevor went on to describe his positive experiences within the NHS, as staff showed compassion and caring towards his family,  in line with the rhetoric of the 6 C's of nursing care Therefore it would seem that the range of experiences may still be patchy within the NHS. The #HelloMyNameIs campaign has initiated a new awareness in staff, where they have be come more conscious of their actions of compassion in care.

Compassion is a quality that we constantly instill within our healthcare students, as they solve issues in practise in order to increase the quality of care for patients. Our students are passionate about compassion in care, and make us proud every day by devising new innovations for healthcare and thriving in the NHS arena. Our training programmes empower NHS staff to become change agents from the edge, to influence real change at the core of organizations.

We salute this campaign and look forward to a brighter future for quality care.

Posted on February 14, 2015 .