Listening To The NHS In Practise

As we saw the 2014 NHS Staff survey  results released this Spring, we also saw a great opportunity to listen to staff. NHS staff are at the heart of every healthcare trust, as they see, do and work alongside the organizational pulse every day.

Among the key findings for the NHS Staff Survey, 15 findings have deteriorated since last year, 11 findings have improved, one has remained the same, and two cannot be compared due to changes in the questions. There is clearly a long way to go in the NHS change challenge. Around one 42% of NHS staff responded to the survey, raising more questions around why the response rate was proportionately low, 7% lower than last year. Is organizational inertia at work? Is the NHS  failing to ignite change and passion?...have staff given up hope all together?

“The results this year show staff reporting increased pressure because of significant challenges facing the health service” - Danny Mortimer (Source: Health Service Journal).

We are well aware of the challenges facing the NHS, and this is why we continue to empower our healthcare students to turn visions that make a positive change, into practise. The NHS Staff Survey is a great resource to enable us all to listen to staff, yet there are still concerns that these generalized findings may not represent the disparities of experience within individual NHS trusts.

We understand that every Healthcare Trust is different, and that's why we consult on a personal level in order to discover the individualized needs of your NHS organization. Every day we are listening to staff, students and organizations to improve standards, quality and cultures within every area of our work. Our staff and students are keen to make changes within their workplaces, and we will continue to listen to them,  translate their passion into positive change in real terms, and work together with individual healthcare organizations, so that next year, staff surveys can tell a different story.

Posted on March 1, 2015 .