We Can Deliver

"A new framework for the training and development of general managers within the NHS is needed to support them".

This week there has been much discussion around new plans to make the NHS  a 7 day service. Some would argue that it already is or was a 7 day service, but we know that in reality that the weekend staff struggle on minimal resource levels.

So as usual, we are finding new ways to achieve better care and services for the NHS. How can we achieve this 7 day service effectively with the resources we have?

We need intelligent and better, change!

Is the solution to this more staffing? More cash? or just harder work from the NHS staff?

Well the Health Service Journal and the Nursing times have used a crowd sourcing platform developed by Clever Together, to ask the public:

  • what enables bottom-up change in the NHS?

  • what prevents it?

  • what are the solutions?

What has been suggested as the best solution to promote better change?

A framework for the training and development of general managers within the NHS to support them in their role and ensure all are working to the same standards.

Time and time again we are seeing healthcare education and training as the leading solution to enhance our NHS services. We hope to remain a part of this solution as we work individually with Trusts around the UK to support their staff to foster open cultures, develop strong leadership and management skills, and ensure that staff and NHS resources are effectively used. 

If a 7 day service is what is required for the NHS, it will deliver. Because we believe in the staff of the NHS who can deliver above and beyond what is usually expected of them. When we invest in NHS staff they achieve greatness.

The biggest investment you can make in NHS staff is in their training and development. We are part of the solution. This is what we do.

Posted on April 8, 2015 .