Are Leadership Programmes Just Based On “fads and fashions” ?

"NHS spends “vast sums” on improving leadership but many programmes are based on “fads and fashions,” says the King’s Fund in their new BMJ article this spring.

We know that great leadership is directly linked with strong quality outcomes within healthcare organizations, and we see this work every day. Nobody is fooled by hints, tips and tricks. The organizations we work with would see straight through any fads and trends in an instant. Our students are smarter than that. 

Our courses focus upon the development of a collective leadership which directly translates back into the clinical work place. We work closely with our partner organizations, so that we can form teams of support which empower front line staff and positive organizational cultures.We hold no“ideological enthusiasms” and emphasize to our students how leadership is driven throughout their organizations, rather than held by any one individual.

There is no personal priority, only the vision to make an impact from the edge. Straight forward leadership skills disseminate through our teams, and flood healthcare organizations with new life.We will continue to review the evidence in order to keep our courses evidence based. Our students make us proud every day, as their collective leadership thrives well beyond graduation. 

Posted on March 7, 2015 .