Poor Working Cultures In The NHS Highlighted

Morecambe Bay Investigation, the Kirkup Report is published

Once again Poor working relationships and ‘them and us’ cultures have been cited as contributing to poor clinical care and communication. Solid leadership embraces the notion of collective leadership and does not differentiate between disciplines or the hierarchies of a dominant few, it unites a team in a cohesive working culture that promotes open learning and discussion.

It is clear that others at Morecambe Bay felt unable to speak up and challenge failure. Were they unaware of failings? or was the culture too broken to listen?  There is clearly "a long way to go" in improving openness and transparency, and the leaders of the future must embrace the challenge to provide the right incentive for staff to be open and honest about failure.

We empower our students to learn from failure in all areas of healthcare practise, whether there are failures in clinical care, system failures, or intelligent failures during the process of innovation and change. The culture of fear must be removed, and replaced with reward based incentives for learning openly.

We applaud our students for turning this vision into practise.

Posted on March 7, 2015 .