Becoming A Part Of The #healthdebate

On the 21st April 2015 we watched the #healthdebate live via the webinar delivered by The Kings Fund at

This was certainly the definitive health and care debate for the current general election campaign. We heard the key drivers for change in the NHS and new visions for the future of the NHS from some key opinion leaders and government leaders.

Who was involved? 

  • Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health

  • Rt Hon Andy Burnham, Shadow Secretary of State for Health

  • Rt Hon Norman Lamb, Minister of State for Care and Support

  • Julia Reid MEP, UKIP Deputy Health Spokesperson

  • And the lively #healthdebate  community on Twitter!

We, as an organization care deeply about the NHS and its future. We would like to see investment given to the professional development of NHS staff, who make the miracles happen every day. This debate clearly proved that all political parties are also committed to the NHS; the question is who has the economic credibility to fund it properly?

Here at altstrat, we try not to get too political, but there is no doubt that the up and coming leadership developments will impact upon the leadership of the NHS. Leadership is our expertise, and leadership is everybody's business.

We heard strong rhetoric coming from all sides of the argument, and luckily there was minimal mud slinging in play. But is it true that the "NHS can't go through another 5 yrs like 5 yrs we've just had." ? Is it all falling apart?

Every day we see our students flourish and grow in the work place as they develop their leadership skills and put them into practice. The reality is that the amazing staff of the NHS are delivering amazing results in the face of adversity, despite the current challenges facing the NHS and despite inadequate provisions.

Creating a 'dream NHS' is easy if you can secure infinite resources and procure the right template for success. However, putting any solution into practice will always require strong and intelligent leadership.

Continuing the #healthdebate  will be vital to continued learning and improvement. We will always invite healthy debate and conversations about how we can improve our health services. Feel free to join us!

Ultimately, there is much more to do if we are to make a sustainable health and care system a reality. We will remain committed to provide the NHS and its staff with the leadership skills required to take real solutions forward into practice.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the debate and the social media conversations. Lastly - congratulations to the chair of the debate, Sarah Montague of the BBC. A sterling job throughout the debate!


Posted on April 23, 2015 .