#BringBackTheNHS - We Still See The Magic!

So, yesterday, we found ourselves in Westminster attending the #BringBackTheNHS event. The event was filled with great speakers, including some famous ones like: @IanMcKellen @charlottechurch and @marcuschown.

This was set to be a ‘Non Political Event’ to celebrate the NHS. Nevertheless, there were some passionate words spoken.

We were deeply moved by the speakers on stage.

Ian McKellen #BringBackTheNHS.jpg

However, what we took from the event was the sheer passion and enthusiasm coming from NHS staff. They care. They want to thrive, despite the challenges currently facing them and the services they work in.

They want to improve, learn, thrive and deliver despite all odds. They are ready to be nurtured and developed to serve the NHS as leaders of change for years to come.

So how can we nurture and grow these young change agents to maintain their enthusiasm and make a positive impact upon a (sometimes challenging) NHS culture?

We enjoy seeing our students grow throughout our programmes to develop the tools to make change happen. When we invest in staff development, we invest in the organisation as a whole.

This year, more healthcare organisations than ever are investing in their staff to 'keep their magic alive' and drive positive change. They have chosen our tailor made programmes to achieve this.

We invite your organisation to join us in 'keeping the NHS magic alive'...

Posted on May 1, 2015 .