We Salute All Nurses Today

#DayoftheMidwife & #InternationalNursesDay 5th-12th May 2015

#InternationalNursesDay - We salute all nurses today as they continue to deliver the world of excellent care and service. This day follows only a few days after the #DayoftheMidwife on the 5th of May. To celebrate these professions is to appreciate the largest group of staff in the #NHS

Celebrations came from around the world as patients and staff told stories of care, laughed at funny anecdotes and spoke sentiments of gratitude. Nurses and midwives are truly appreciated and valued within our society, and it was heartwarming to see such positive activity occur around the nation.

However, what struck us most was the #whyInurse campaign. This campaign prompted nurses and midwives around the world to explain why they do their job. It was clear that nurses and midwives feel privileged and proud to do their jobs. This drives them to do better, make change happen and invite new innovations in healthcare. They are waiting to be driven forward in their careers.

One of our graduates spoke at the Virtual International Day of the Midwife Conference on the 5th of May. She has been driven by our Leadership programme to develop a new online intervention to support midwives to do the best job they can.

We know that all nurses and midwives are waiting to become leaders, continue their professional development and drive quality in care through passion, pride and privilege.  

We will be recruiting these amazing people throughout the next academic year. It is vital that we invest in these care champions so that these celebrations can translate into NHS excellence. We look forward to meeting all of you as you enroll on our programmes this summer.

See you soon!


Posted on May 15, 2015 .