Our Transforming #PatientExperience Programme: A Student Example

We see every day how our students translate their learning with us into every day practice. What really matters to us it how we can translate our courses into transforming patient experience.

Our Transforming Patient Experience programme is designed for practitioners, nurses, allied health professionals, doctors and managers who wish to develop a compassionate culture delivering excellent patient experience in health and social care.

We deliver this programme as three separate modules:

One: Building a Compassionate Culture

Two: Developing a Critical Approach to Improving clinical practice

Three: Implementing Innovative Change in practice.

One of our students decided to implement his learning in his role as a pharmacist!

He decided to use the Seven S model as a change management model to improve antibiotic documentation, prevalence and consumption in geriatrics.

His project ensured that the team were able to feedback any prescribing issues to the multidisciplinary team e.g. non-compliance to the policy, inappropriate choice, failure to document correctly, and prescribing of high risk antibiotics in the elderly.

The project also enabled clinical supervision and education at ward level, increasing their confidence in intervening and questioning inappropriate prescribing as part of the multidisciplinary team. 

This work showed the positive impact of using the Seven S model as a quality improvement tool to provide clarity and insight into systems and process that can be influenced to improve outcomes. 

We are proud of our students as future NHS leaders as they strive to improve #PatientExperience every day. This is one example of how our programmes can translate into real NHS change.

How will your team change the NHS?

Let us lead the way....

Posted on June 19, 2015 .