Small Things Make A BIG Difference! #hellomynameis Tour! #HMNItour 2015

Wow. We have been utterly inspired by @GrangerKate... who spent a day at the Leicester Hospitals telling doctors, midwives, nurses, healthcare professionals and managers at every level her story...

We were initially caught up with this campaign on BBC Breakfast:


We wanted to share a little piece of that story here, and reflect upon what we came away with from that day.

Kate Granger is a a specialist registrar in Yorkshire... she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 29. As she progressed through her NHS treatment, she noticed something profound. The health care professionals involved with her care failed to introduce themselves, and often busied themselves with tasks whilst barely acknowledging her.

She became vulnerable and self conscious.... and seemingly the only staff member who noticed her need for compassion was  a staff porter.

She did not want to be known only as a doctor who died young...And so she decided to make something amazing happen with her husband Chris Pointon.... 

The #hellomynameis campaign was born.

This campaign flourished on Twitter as a way to raise awareness about the need for staff to introduce themselves.

“As a doctor it felt very wrong that this basic step in communication and compassion was missing."

We all know that this is such a simple idea, but did we really know before this campaign that it was missing?

Many NHS trusts have now made this simple change a core value within their organization, and it is definitely one of ours. 

The main message we took away from this day was that Small things make a BIG difference!

Thank you Kate for making this small and innovative campaign turn into a real agent of change for all of us working within the NHS. We are always looking for new ways in which we can improve our NHS services, and there is no doubt that everyone has learnt something new from your story.

And thank you to Chris. As a carer and partner to Kate we are inspired by your obvious dedication and passion for this tour. It is all too easy to forget the friends and family of those needing our NHS services. Your support and contribution to this cause has been inspiring to us...Thank you.

Here are some highlights from the tour:

Posted on June 21, 2015 .