Better Leadership For Tomorrow - NHS Leadership Review

This week, we have been looking at the Better leadership for tomorrow: NHS leadership review released by the Department of Health.

The Secretary of State for Health asked Lord Rose to conduct a review into leadership in the NHS. The review asked:

  • What might be done to attract and develop talent from inside and outside the health sector into leading positions in the NHS?
  • How could strong leadership in hospital trusts might help transform the way things get done?
  • How best to equip clinical commissioning groups to deliver the Five Year Forward View

The final report contains 19 recommendations, covering 4 areas:

  • Training
  • Performance management
  • Bureaucracy
  • Management support

The recommendation which we felt directly able to meet was that the NHS Include accredited/ nominated training establishments as part of a diverse training effort....and so we looked at how we may meet the challenge.

It is important to maintain quality, pluralism and innovation in training courses. Our programmes pride themselves upon innovation and creativity, as we encourage future leaders to think creatively when solving complex problems.

We also encourage our future NHS leaders to explore opportunities for change and new models of care. They explore how we can literally change the way we deliver care!

We not only invite managers to join our leadership programmes, we also welcome front line staff. This means that we can create great leaders at every level. We can also source talent at the point of discovery, rather than waiting until new leadership positions become open to those in the know.

Our form of collective and action learning is invaluable in developing both individual and organisational competence.  We know the challenges ahead.. join us in becoming the solution to a stronger NHS of the future.

Posted on July 19, 2015 .