Need NHS Leaders? Call The midwife!

We saw some amazing examples of midwifery leadership this week at the  Maternity Midwifery & Baby Conference 2015 #maternity2015.

One of our alumni students presented her seminar on promoting healthier staff for healthy patients. Details of her seminar below:

Healthier midwives for healthier families: designing a solution to support midwives through psychologically traumatic professional events

Sally Pezaro, PhD Researcher, Coventry University

This seminar is yet another example of how our MSc Leadership programmes can ignite a passion for turning visions into practice and finding solutions to real challenges in today's #NHS.

Yet we also saw other midwifery leaders flourish in taking the service forward and thrive in leadership positions. See some examples below:

Sue Macdonald, Midwifery Consultant

Stephanie Michaelides, Senior Lecturer , Middlesex University - Newborn care: listening to the newborn

Dr Bernie Divall, Research Fellow, University of Nottingham - Research cameo: the end of one journey, beginning of the next

Dianne Garland, Midwifery Consultant - Thinking about labour through the glasses of normality

Questions and discussion: 

Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent, Head of Maternity, NHS England Nursing Directorate - Stretching midwifery horizons

We see midwives develop into NHS leaders every day. Now we see that more midwives need to invest in their own development. There is just too much talent in the midwifery profession!

Do you seek out talent in your midwifery teams? Why not invest in your midwifery team and see more visions turning into practice.

Call the midwives!


Posted on July 10, 2015 .