Reflecting Upon The #WoundedHealer Conference

The Wounded Healer – Helping Each Other to Care in the Modern Health Service conference was held last week on Tuesday 15th September 2015.

We attended with the vision to learn from our professional colleagues about the current state of health in the #NHS workforce and how we may play a part in creating healthcare cultures.

Workshops included:

Dr Derek Chase – Mindfulness and its Benefits
Dr Jane Marshall- The Addicted Professional
Dr Caroline Elton – Under the White Coat
Dr Peter Ilves and Mr Nigel Praities – GP’s, Resilience and Burnout
Mr Gary Marson, Dr Clare Gerada and Ms Pip Hardy – The Wounded Healer
Ms Debbie Sandford – Schwarz Rounds

We were moved by insightful revelations from various health care workers, GP's, nurses and midwives who were either wounded healers themselves, were helping to support other colleagues in distress, or were celebrating a recovery of their own. 

It was clear that the health professionals that go into the NHS, do so to make a positive contribution, yet the passions of some staff can quickly fade once they realize that their visions cannot be turned into practice due to  inadequate support, resources and control.

We particularly drew some interesting insights from Professor Ivan Robertson, Mr Julian Lousada, Mr John Ballatt & Dr Penny Campling who all spoke about the importance of intelligent kindness, the importance of group dynamics, enabling environments and the issues associated with creating unhealthy blame cultures.

Positive Staff engagement and positive staff experience will always be linked to improved outcomes and productivity. 

The challenge for us will be to provide our students with the resilience, support and resources to make their dreams a reality in practice. They want to be agents for positive change. Our programmes release that talent by nurturing these skills and opportunities in the work place, for a safer NHS and fewer 'wounded healers'. 

Posted on September 22, 2015 .