5 Tips Towards Becoming The Best Clinician You Can Be...

All health care professionals come into their profession with the intention of doing a good job to the best of their abilities. They want to care for their patients well, drive innovation forward and be engaged with the work that they do. Nobody goes to work to fail. So how do you become the best clinician you can be?

Tip One: Seek out the positive opportunities in everything you do. Challenging shifts can produce a roller coaster of emotions, take them all in, allow yourself the time to process those emotions, and see what opportunities they hold for learning and moving forward.

Tip Two: Be kind to yourself. Humans make mistakes. You didn't come to work to make a mistake, so how can you learn from this experience? Can you explore and reflect upon what you might have done differently? Have you said "Sorry"? If so...you need to forgive yourself, and process any guilt in order to move on and care for patients in the way they need you to.

Tip Three: Be kind to your colleagues, especially the challenging ones. They need the kindness the most! Your colleagues also do not turn up to work in order to fail, yet they may be deeply affected by sources of stress that may be unfamiliar to you. If you are kind. Kindness will spread.

Tip four: Embrace the concept of gratitude. Give 10 minutes of your attention to list the positive things in your life that you may have started taking for granted. Then think about how your life might have been if you had taken a different path, made another decision, or never even tried.

Tip Five: Take care of your physical  and mental self. This includes enforcing physical and mental breaks upon yourself. Love, laugh, spend time with 'enablers' rather than 'blockers'. Embrace new ideas, celebrate your achievements, talk freely and surround yourself with the people you aspire to be.

Our students lift each other up and embrace cultures of intelligent kindness in order to succeed both individually and within the teams in which they work. This is our shared vision for creating the best leaders in the workforce.

Our partners and students respond positively to our values based education and leadership programmes. We look forward to taking this forwards with our new students starting our new programmes this August. See you there!

Posted on September 22, 2015 .