How To Nurture Talent Within The #NHS... 5 Tips To Shine!

Healthcare should involve a collective family of change makers who work and move together in driving improvements forward. People move in to the NHS because they want to achieve and contribute great things to healthcare. Everybody has something to give.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Anonymous

Why would your organisation need to engage talent?

Engaged staff say that:

•They say “Time passes quickly at work”
•They feel excited and enthusiastic about their role
•They devote extra time, thinking and effort to their work
•They resist distractions
•They find it easy to stay focused
•Their enthusiasm is contagious
(NHS National Workforce Projects 2007)

So how to we nurture and source talent at every level?

Tip One: Work out what your organisational goals and visions are. Set your goal posts. There is no clear definition of what the 'best' talent is.. so work out what this would mean to you. As your vision takes shape, it will become clearer to see who fits your values based talent recruitment strategy best.

Tip Two: Once you have identified your visions and goals, look out for those who possess the distinguishing characteristics that best represent those visions and goals set out. Include these characteristics in performance appraisals and every day language. Make these characteristics the 'norm'.

Tip Three:  Become the type of leader that you want to nurture. Set the example. Once the bar is set, reward, motivate and engage those who emulate the same. This process should become contagious.

Tip Four: Develop top performers. Once you have noted the strengths of your new visionary team, allow them to develop their skills in a way that allows them career control. In this way, the visions and goals of the team are propelled forward by those who are engaged. Top performers will then be encouraged to use their best skills to contribute to the collective vision and natural talent will begin to shine through. 

Tip Five: Ensure that you nurture talent at every level. Reward, engage and motivate those who aspire to become top performers. Acknowledge all contributions from all team members so that all employees strive for better performance.

We nurture talent in our students every day as we see changes in their professional development. We work with people who strive for a better future and improved health care services. Sourcing this talent is easy when you drive a vision of change, leadership and improvement.


•NHS National Workforce Projects (2007). Maximising Staff Engagement. NHS National Workforce Projects, July.

Posted on September 12, 2015 .