Supporting Our Students Through The #JuniorDoctorsStrike

This week, the #NHS has faced a true rarity. #juniordoctors have felt so desperate in their cause that they have this week decided to strike, and we have been following the #JuniorDoctorsStrike with cause for concern.

We know first hand what challenges face our health professionals in today's NHS. We empathise with all health professionals doing their best to lead and strive for excellence in a challenging healthcare system.

In case you are unclear about the details of this particular case...please see this video below:

The business case for a reduction in working overtime is clear. It can result in a cycle of exhaustion and actually limit productivity.

The proposed new contract would extend #juniordoctors normal hours, known as plain time, to 10pm on weekdays and include Saturdays until 7pm. There will be an 11% pay rise to compensate for the loss of overtime, but the BMA insists juniors would still be up to 30% worse off.

The issue around pay is clearly linked to how much we value our staff, want to engage them and keep them working productively.

Equally, in working longer hours, we risk our junior doctors burning out, leaving the profession and becoming less responsive towards the medical tasks at hand. This cannot be safer or better in any way.

In a cash strapped country, we must decide where we make cuts. There is no easy decision, but it would be a sad decision to undercut or undervalue our NHS staff in a bid to save money, considering how this may affect the quality and safety of patient care.

We will continue to support and value all of our students, whatever argument they choose to support. We are all keen to see an appropriate resolve to this, and hope that our change makers can arrive at the best conclusion for all.

Posted on January 13, 2016 .