5 Ways To Lead Your #NHS Team More Effectively

You may be a born leader, an aspiring leader, or a leader who mentors others. As you will know...being an effective leader means that you continue to learn and grow throughout your professional journey. Our post graduate MSc leadership students are developing into the NHS leaders of the future. Here are 5 ways to lead your NHS team more effectively.

  1. Recognise that everyone in your team is a leader with different strengths and weaknesses. Each member has something to bring to the collective goal. Let them know that you understand who each of them are and how they contribute.
  2. Create an environment of safety, where new ideas can be heard and listened to. This will breed a new culture where new ideas are explored an acted upon quickly and effectively for the good of the team's goal.
  3. Remain adaptive and flexible to the needs of your team. This will require emotional intelligence as you begin to recognise and establish who needs support and who has the right skills to meet the teams immediate challenges. Recognise that this is an iterative and ongoing process of evaluation. 
  4. Lead by example. Literally behave how you would like your team to behave towards each other and towards the teams goals. This will set the tone for the whole team, as they come to understand 'how we do things here'.
  5. Avoid being defensive. Assume that everyone is there because they want to do a good job. Nobody comes to work to mess up. Everyone should feel valued. Embrace the process of gratitude instead.

As our students go back to their teams after attending our leadership courses, they do so with new insights into how and why things may be failing. They are solutions focused and productive as they begin to see their own strengths and values.

We are incredibly proud of our students every day...and we are also proud to make a difference through mentoring and coaching the NHS leaders of the future.

Posted on November 12, 2016 .