How To Take On The Innovation Challenge

Within your own team or department within the NHS, you may be looking to develop something new, make something better, solve a wicked problem or take on a new challenge. All of these tasks to some degree or another will require you and your team to collaboratively innovate.

But before you embark on any new innovation challenge, how can you maximise your chances of success?

  1. Fully commit to the task. See it through and keep on going. Too many innovations fail because those who embark on the task do so halfheartedly. 

  2. Be prepared for failures along the way, and learn from each and every one.
  3. Take a co-production approach. Where others are invested and involved in designing the change you are trying to make, they are more likely to spread and embed the change.
  4. Give yourself and others the time to design. Allocate protected time for change. This not only assigns the task of innovation some value, but it also suggests to your team that you are taking this task seriously.
  5. Reward your self and others for successes. Reflect on how far you have come along the way.
  6. Evaluate, learn and continue to grow. 
  7. Innovation is an ongoing process, there is no start or end point. When you are evaluating, you are actually looking for new ways to learn, grown and develop even further. This is how change and improvement becomes embedded into NHS culture. We strive to thrive.
Posted on November 12, 2016 .