Old vs. New Forms Of Healthcare Leadership

Times are changing. The world is moving away from an industrial era towards an age of ideas and creativity but are leadership mindsets & culture stuck?

We need to look at how we equip our future healthcare leaders to innovate and evolve in order to meet future challenges. Old must be replaced with new.

We look and reflect upon old vs new:

Focus - We can become overwhelmed by targets and 'end products' but the new way of thinking involves a 'win/win' approach, where a shared and collective vision to collaborate towards a broader goal that sits outside the box.

Change - New change looks for wider, perhaps global impact where change is driven by a desire to learn and innovate rather than necessity (old leadership style)!

Work Process- Old leadership will look at rules and regulation to guide them. When new leadership comes into force, we begin to see cross disciplinary teams work towards a shared long term mission and forge new networks.

Power - Top down hierarchies are replaced with collaborative networks, where colleagues are valued and empowered rather than manipulated or guided by fear. 

Problem Analysis - Old leadership may only see a cause and effect action. New leadership looks for a systemic and overlapping 'wicked' problem that may require a range of solutions to arrive at a shared resolve.

These changes are not just for our NHS leaders to take on board, because healthcare also needs innovative managers to embrace a new way of leading. They must also set the tone of a culture set to promote excellence in healthcare.

Our students recognise how 'The times they are a changing'. They are leading and leaving 'Old' leadership styles behind to face the challenges of tomorrow. As our new cohorts join the flock of new altstrat healthcare leaders... They are making their first steps towards a brighter future.

Posted on April 2, 2016 .