"Thats Not How We Do Things Here" NHS Leadership By Example

We know that everyone wants to see excellence in our NHS services. We all want to see change for the better and make things happen. At the core of most change in the NHS, we know that its about the wider cultures and shared long term goals that make the most difference, but do the little things count too?

We see many publications and papers which outline visions for a healthy workplace culture, the eradication of workplace bullying and safer healthcare services. We welcome all of these reports.

However, there are incidents where those on the front line see a need to 'whistle blow' in order to highlight poor care and poor practices across the board. So how are these papers trickling down to our services and making a real difference? Are they at all?

What we have observed is that everybody knows that they want to see improved healthcare cultures and excellence in care. Nobody goes to work to fail, or see others fail to achieve this. But is this all talk, rhetoric and good intention?

We know that with our students, colleagues and collaborators that you need to #bethechangeyouwanttosee in healthcare.

Leaders must:

  1. Practice what they preach

  2. Be honest, open and learn from everything they see, do and hear.

  3. Be the person they want every employee to see, be and admire.

  4. Walk taller and strive to be better at every opportunity

Most importantly, it is those leaders at every level that stand up and say "That's not how we do things here" who set the cultures for real change and excellence in our healthcare services.

Our students lead by example. How will you #bethechangeyouwanttosee in healthcare?

Posted on April 2, 2016 .