Supporting Health Care Organisations To Be Compassionate

Improving the staff experience in healthcare services improves productivity and the patient experience. We have a strong reputation in showing compassion towards our students as we invest in their professional development, clinical and leadership skills.

We also encourage organisations and the people we work with to demonstrate compassion towards their healthcare staff...which explicitly acts to show compassion in the workplace?

From the 21st of April until the 21st of May, one of our alumni students, @SallyPezaro, now based at Coventry University is working with NHS England to understand the characteristics of compassionate healthcare organisations. This new work-stream will underpin future developments by NHS England to support NHS commissioners and providers to be ‘compassionate organisations’. As such, we were keen to get involved.

As health care staff, what do you think a ‘compassionate healthcare organisation’ looks like?

This new research project aims to find out and explore this very thing, and we are encouraging our students and colleagues to share their thoughts for this research campaign via Twitter.

It’s easy to take part. You just need to tweet your views about what activities, actions, policies, philosophies and approaches demonstrate that a healthcare organisation is compassionate using the hashtag #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion.

These tweets will then be archived and analysed by the research team. Findings will then be shared with the healthcare, academic, commissioning and other communities in order to inform the development of compassionate healthcare organisations for the benefit of both staff and patients.

Example tweets might be:

‘Letting me take my lunch break #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion’

‘Finishing the meeting on time #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion’

‘Respecting my work/life balance #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion’

You can follow the research account on Twitter: @NHSStaffExp 

You can also visit Fab NHS Stuff who are backing this project.

Full project details here ->

We are excited to see the results of this project, so that we may learn and share what #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion for the benefit of our students, colleagues, partnership organisations and the wider health care community. Being compassionate will always be one of the key drivers for improvements in health care. Its time to turn rhetoric into reality.



Posted on April 25, 2016 .