5 Top Tips for enabling Culture Change

Lately, we  have been hearing many people talk about changing cultures. But really, what is an organisational or 'corporate' culture? and how do we influence this?

We like this description of a corporate culture:

Now here are our 5 top tips for enabling culture change:

1. Realise that culture change does not happen overnight. Initially, you will need to work within your current organisational cultures to start the wheels turning. It is important at this point to carefully direct your attention to the windows of opportunities that present before real change can happen.

2. Set objectives - Let these be visionary. Once you have your change objectives in place, make sure your behaviors link to these. Once those around you see how you are 'setting precedent' they will emulate your behaviors over time, and therefore, your goals.

3. Scope out you key leaders of change. Who are the early adopters? Who is already on board with you? - These are the people you will need to deploy throughout your organisation for lasting change.

4. Once you see any small changes within your organisational culture, ensure that it is celebrated widely! - This will set the scene for further praise and change in the right direction.

5. Demonstrate that your changes are making a difference to the things that matter. Evidence this. Assess the culture continually to make sure everyone knows that the organisation is on track.

Once you set the tone and direction of these culture changes - these 5 steps can be repeated over and over to keep momentum going. If new changes are again required, we go back to the beginning and set our objectives to slowly change direction ...Change does not happen overnight. But it comes from you.

Our students set the cultures within their own organisations to be compassionate, healthy and productive. What will your objectives be?

Posted on May 24, 2016 .