Reflecting On Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 #MHAW16

This mental health awareness week, we got our #HeadsTogether and started the conversation with both our students and partners about our mental health in the workplace.

We were also sharing the new guidance from the Royal College of Midwives on work-related stress, which cites that:

“Ethically, midwives are entitled to a psychologically safe professional journey… when maternity services invest in the mental health and well being of midwives they may reap the rewards of improved patient care, improved staff experience and safer maternity services."

We know that when staff are psychologically safe, they provide better care for patients and increase the quality of the health care services. Having these conversations is vital in the health care workplace so that we can ensure that services and healthcare organisations remain compassionate and alert to the needs of staff.

Some of our students shared some great initiatives and began some important conversations around mental health in the workplace. Having great working relationships is integral to our mental health at work. Rethink Mental Illness. highlights this by saying:

“Having people in your life who are understanding and supportive, be they a full-time carer or just someone to share a cup of tea and a chat with, can make a big difference,”

Peer support groups are also a vital tool for many people. We encourage our staff and students to forge strong, compassionate and lasting peer group relationships, both within their study time, and within their places of work in health care. 

As our students learn, they bring a new found wisdom to the workplace. We are seeing real change in health care teams as a result. When we invest in the well being of our staff - we are certainly reaping the rewards!

Posted on May 24, 2016 .