10 Leadership Tips To Support A Productive Workforce

We cannot 'make' someone productive, this is something for the individual to achieve themselves. We can however, optimize their environment, learning development and skill sets to enable them to be the best they can be.

Leaders show the way, and highlight new opportunities in which to thrive. These 10 top tips will help you to maximize opportunities for you, your organisation ...and your workforce. In this way...your collective productivity will thrive!

  1. Rewards - Ensure that your workforce in rewarded appropriately for what they are achieving and contributing to the collective focus.
  2. Mentorship - Ensure that each member of staff is mentored and supported to thrive individually. Recognise the individual strengths of each team member, and encourage further developments in these areas.
  3. Challenges - Make sure that your team is challenged. Work cannot be 'easy' or 'beneath' them. You have employed the best..so let them push the boundaries!
  4. Responsibility - Promote staff and allow them the power and responsibility to manage tasks. This will not only boost their confidence, but their skill sets and leadership skills will also develop.
  5. Connectivity - Allow staff to be involved in decision making and connect them with other agents of change to inspire them. This will not only boost their confidence and morale, but it will help them to think outside of the box and network with an inspiring community.
  6. Value - Make sure that you value your staff, and demonstrate this appreciation openly and honestly. If you don't value your team, take a look at re-evaluating your mentorship and appraisal skills. Everyone can add value in some way.
  7. Mission - Everyone needs a focus. A shared goal will not only unite your teams, it will also give them purpose. This purpose is what will drive them to become the best they can be...so make it good!
  8. Trust - Once you empower your staff to take leaps and bounds in their career, you must also trust them to do the right thing. This means observing what they do well, and identifying where they could learn more. Don't micro manage! Stand back and admire...
  9. Permit mistakes - If everything went right at all times, we would learn nothing. Mistakes offer us all a chance to learn and become more productive as a result. Naming, blaming and shaming has no place in a healthy workplace.
  10. Accountability - Although blame cultures remain unhealthy, we must all take accountability for our actions and/or omissions. This means that we can learn and grow as a result of our mistakes. When we talk openly about why something happened....we analyse....we grow and we thrive.

We refer to these tips every day as we work with heath providers and students wanting to thrive. Our postgraduate courses ensure that future leaders return to their workplaces and are able to increase productivity for all. This is just one of our goals...we look for new opportunities every day.


Posted on July 6, 2016 .