Preparing For The Future @TheKingsFund Digital Health and Care Congress #kfdigital16

#NHS #digitalhealth #kfdigital16 - What does digital future look like?  

We went along to @TheKingsFund to engage with the Digital health and Care Congress to find out... 

This day was alive with those wanting to make real innovative change in health care through digital health and technology. Those who attended this conference were future thinkers...who were very able to look at the 'Big Picture'....We were among our own kind and looking to learn.

Having attended this conference, there is so much to share with our students as we guide them to be future leaders within the NHS... but for now we will share 5 key learnings from #kfdigital16 and let our students share the rest of the story in practice.

  1. Patients are generally willing to give their consent for digital data to be used as long as trust has been built in throughout this process.
  2. Patients want to book their appointments online just like they do their flights
  3. Digital interventions delivered via apps can be extremely beneficial and widely accepted by patients seeking mental health treatment.
  4. Child protection can be greatly improved by the development of networked systems that flag risks from service to service.
  5. When introducing digital technologies...what happens in practice is often very different from what clinicians anticipate will happen. We must always remain open minded...
  6. Lastly, we were introduced to the  Review of data security, consent and opt-outs and the recommendations that it makes for keeping health and care data secure, building trust, and ensuring that the public is informed about how their confidential information is used by Dame Fiona Caldicott.

 httSaaAShe s“Under new model of consent, people will have right to opt out of info being used for purposes beyond their direct care Fiona Caldicott speaking at #kfdigital16 digital health and care congress on data security in the NHS

Other Resources from the day:

Posted on July 25, 2016 .