Effective Organisational Communication: From Dire To Dazzling Dialogue

So we know that communication is the key to any organisational success. In health care specifically, poor communication can literally be fatal... so in these few steps... let us just reflect on how we can optimise our dialogues in health care organisations.

Be wary of sending chirpy emails which promote change before dissemination! As a well meaning leader, you may want to send out an enthusiastic 'send all' message to your organisation with a new great vision or idea that is going to change the scenery. This may be a great plan...but may unwittingly send out a panic signal where people then become uncertain of their future....how will it affect them?....Can their managers reassure them when you have not made the details available?

What are you sending in your attachments? People will generally only skim read presentations and documents via email, and so when you assume you have 'covered all bases'...you may be woefully disappointed. So try not to hide behind technology and actively discuss the message you are trying to send.

Bring the best people in on the conversation. You know who your best people are...but have you ever put them together for a chat? Imagine what could happen if you did... Magic! The right people having the right conversations can pull together an organisations strengths and help create a culture of unity and shared vision.

Listen. You need to understand what people are thinking, feeling and doing. How are they responding to innovation and change? You need to gain their trust and commitment. How can you achieve this if you do not have your ear to the ground?

Thoughts feelings and opinions change fast during the active phases of change. Therefore your communication needs to start early, remain frequent and stay consistent. Using a 'ping back' approach, make everyone feel a part of the change, keep them informed and keep listening. This way, you can move smoothly towards a collaborative end goal without leaving any stragglers behind!

Remember dialogue has two components to it ā€“ Listening and Voicing. Keep the conversation going!

Posted on August 7, 2016 .