How To Innovate In Eight Simple Steps

We know that we want to innovate, grow and change...and some of us are naturally wired for this...others, not so much. If you are trying to innovate, can you really do this alone? If so, great! But we believe in collective visions of change

So how do we make the magic happen?

  1.  You hired the best people.....right? In healthcare, we know that staff join the caring professions to contribute and achieve great have you enabled them to shine?...First things first....put all of your best people in a room together to 'think' - Just add coffee!

  2. Hand over the tools! - So your staff know how your organisation works? Policies, protocols...who to talk to? Do they know who is in charge of what...and do they know how to take the first step?... Extra training in these areas can really empower confidence.

  3. Are you in the mix? Don't sit back and let others do the work...listen to the ideas buzzing around....get the conversation flowing...think of the possibilities and collaborate!

  4. Look around you. See what others are doing....If you see something working well outside of your organisation, perhaps you can steal the best bits for your own innovations....a 'cut and shut' idea can always grow into new 'best practice!'

  5. Open up time and space! - Permit allocated time to the development of new things... give 'permission' to those willing to take an idea forward to act...make this tangible...not an 'extra add on' to the role.

  6. Don't tame the radicals! If someone is sticking out like a sharp knife from the block...don't push them back in for the sake of it! Let them shine. These are the people who will usually champion the innovation and make change stick!

  7. Create the right 'mix'. Not everyone will have the same amount of time and inclination to innovate alone. However, a good leader will always source talent at every level. Once you can define these have many recipes for mix them up into new 'super teams'!

  8. Time to take action....when the innovation train gets going... we all need to be on board from the top to the bottom...every level needs to take a seat and fuel the innovation journey.

You, as a leader need to make sure that the train is ready to go at the station.... Are you up to the job of conductor?

All aboard!!!

Posted on August 7, 2016 .