Some Highlights From NHS Expo 2016

This September we enjoyed another NHS Expo conferences and meeting with some inspiring leaders from every sector of the health and care services. This year was all about the digital. New innovations to support new ways of working. Our students are full of ideas, and so it was wonderful to be able to share new knowledge and ideas on a wider platform.

We were also keen to engage within the university pop-up sessions throughout the conference. One session in particular stood out for us, as colleagues from NHS England and Coventry University introduced us to a new initiative to support a new commissioning framework. This framework isl looking to create compassionate leadership cultures and compassionate health care organisations. We know that it will be important to create compassionate leaders for the future...we are working on this every day as our students work with us to create real change...We will be excited to see what happens!

We are also really looking forward to #FabChangeDay coming up ...our students will be sure to download the new app here and make their pledges!..not far away now (19th October 2016)

But the real highlight for us was that we heard some wonderful singing as we enjoyed a very moving rendition of “I will try to fix you”… By the @NHSChoir for the #KGAwards16 at #Expo16NHS. This was a fitting tribute to Kate Granger who sadly passed away recently... her legacy lives on through the Kate Granger awards for compassion and the #Hellomynameis campaign.

We look forward to another NHS Expo next year where we will be sharing new ideas and innovation with more great collaborators. Our students will be waiting to contribute their talents as well!...The best is yet to come!

Posted on September 26, 2016 .