5 Timeless Qualities of Great Leaders and Teams

There are many blogs and comments on how great leaders solve problems, innovate and create new ways for their team to thrive. But one thing we know is true, is that there are only really 5 qualities that any great leader or team needs to know. These are timeless, and we have never known them to vary far from the mark.

  1. Optimism: When everything becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, you cannot be in a negative state. Great leaders and teams look optimistically toward the future and actively seek out the opportunities in any unpleasant situation.
  2. Vision: Great leaders and teams see the big picture...the overall goal. They are not preoccupied with small tasks that may distract them from the path they are destined to follow. They don't sweat the small stuff...they stay on track, and make sure everyone else does too.
  3. Emotional intelligence: They lead and drive the team forward, knowing that they are all 'human'. They create a 'living community' in which everyone can thrive, innovate and contribute to the heart of the organisation. People are people - take care of those you work with.
  4. Openness and honesty: They consistently let everyone about what is happening. There are no 'dark corners' everyone knows everything all of the time - good or bad...keep everyone posted.
  5. Supportive: They ensure that everyone (including themselves) can thrive and reach their potential. This is talent management, but also, it involves self care, celebration, praise, mentoring and coaching for a better tomorrow. Put simply..we lift each other up rather than drag each other down.

Sounds easy right? So why do we not always see this in practice? Could you add to this list? Which qualities do you have? What do you need to work on?

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Posted on January 13, 2017 .