5 Ways To Increase Your Productivity Through Kindness

The Harmful Effects of Workplace Incivility are now widely recognised  as the fast route to killing innovation, productivity and efficiency.

There are many reasons why #NHS organisation should make a change and ensure that there is compassion in the workplace...but how might we do this to create real and sustainable change?

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  1. Show others the way: Lead and behave how you would like others to behave. Do not tolerate anything less. If you see any form of incivility in the workplace, you simply convey that 'That's not how we do things here'. Set the standard.
  2. Do not rely on Human Resources: Human resources cannot deal with all forms of workplace incivility. For some, it may be hard to even describe to HR. HR are excellent for advice on the law, policy and process, but really, workplace compassion needs to come from the teams.
  3. Distribute responsibility: Ask your teams how they would like to behave towards each other...let them set their own rules and standards. In this way, everybody takes responsibility for the overall culture of an organisation, and rule breakers can no longer claim ignorance.
  4. Reduce workplace stress: Don't sweat the small stuff, communicate what you need from others in order to thrive, ask if you can help anyone else with their workload, make it OK to ask for help, ask others what they need from you in order to thrive.
  5. Celebrate small acts of kindness: courtesies, kindness and compassion in the workplace can see your excellence soar. Make a cuppa for the team? Say 'hello'? ask...how are you? develop your emotional intelligence so that you can spot any changes in behaviour...and recognise that these behaviours are often signs of distress which may need extra kindness and compassion. 

In taking time to embrace these activities, you too may see your teams thrive...innovation and productivity may also soar as you see your workforce drive to deliver more as a collective living community/family. Trust us...the best is yet to come.

Posted on January 13, 2017 .