One of the main challenges facing frontline health and social care and related organisations is how to deliver quality outcomes effectively and in the most efficient way.

In today's political and economic climate there are mounting tensions and many priorities to juggle including: 

* Cutting budgets - maintaining high quality services
* Cutting services - meeting the needs of users
* Cutting staff - ensuring a well equipped workforce
* Clinician led services - devolving power to local communities
* Clinical evidence based services - leadership for financial recovery

altstrat's approach in all areas of its work is to combine contemporary-tested methods with practical application of current ideas in leadership and management practice through the use of exciting and innovative approaches to consultancy projects. 

Key to this are our consultants who are experienced in working with staff from senior management to those at the front line.

Our consultants combine practical hands-on working with a range of public and private sector organisations, with a strong theoretical underpinning and apply this learning to consultancy projects ensuring changes are both embedded and sustainable. 

They have done this successfully for over 10 years for a range of organisations including PCTs, Secondary Care, Social Care and other Independent, Public and Voluntary Sector organisations and are experienced in initiating and working within accredited frameworks. 

* Leading Innovation and Improvement
* Leading Strategic Planning
* Building Community Partnerships
* Building Organisational Readiness and Resilience 

Participants are encouraged to apply ideas from their learning to existing work demands and to cascade these within their teams and across partner organisations. 

Consultancy projects often involve participants inviting relevant colleagues and service users to come as guests to take part and thus enable learning about methods to engage larger groups in productive work together, saving time on traditional committee approaches e.g. Social Networking, Knowledge Cafe and Open Space Technology.


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...organisations including PCTs, Secondary Care, Social Care and other Independent, Public and Voluntary Sector...